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PGI Intelligence provides geopolitical risk consultancyanalysis and expertise for multinational organisations, NGOs and consultancies worldwide. Our services provide a fundamental part of an organisation's strategic risk management practices, helping to inform decision-making.

Services include:

PGI Risk Portal:

The PGI Risk Portal helps companies understand and manage their exposure to security and political risk across the world. The Risk Portal's daily incident bulletins and analysis of geopolitical events keep companies informed of developments in their operating environments, helping to minimise business disruption and ensure duty of care for staff.

The Risk Portal provides users with up-to-date information and analysis of geopolitical events, security incidents and business-continuity threats worldwide. Users have access to:

  • Country Profiles: Risk assessments of a countrys regulatory environment and security threats, including terrorism, international war, civil unrest, kidnap, crime, corruption and piracy.
  • Email Updates: Daily incident bulletins and instant alerts, which can be customised to give each user control over the information they receive.
  • PGI Insight: Forward-looking analysis of business, political and security developments.

PGI analyses information from a combination of open-source and in-country sources.

Each threat assessment uses both qualitative analysis and a quantitative ranking system developed by PGI.

For further information on the service and to sign up for a free subscription, visit

Bespoke monitoring services:

Subscribers to our Bespoke services can customise the PGI Risk Portal to receive tailored alerts and analysis to specific sectors and geographical interests. All information can be stored within a private access archive on the Portal and delivered via email at a frequency determined by the client.

Country Risk Assessments:

We provide bespoke country risk assessments for clients operating, or looking to operate, in a specific country. Reports analyse specific geographic locations of interest, as well as providing analysis of the current security environment, both on and offshore. Additional to physical security assessments, these reports provide detailed analysis of political and regulatory risks facing businesses inside the country.

To discuss your risk management requirements or request examples of work, please contact

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