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Corporate Investigations

corporate investigations

Enhanced Due Diligence &
Anti-Money Laundering/Compliance:

PGI Intelligence undertakes Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) ahead of transactions and the forging of new business relationships. Our EDD and Investigations provide full integrity reviews of parties involved, as well as identifying the provenance of funds involved in a transaction or deal.

due diligence & Anti-Money Laundering/Compliance Investigations

Monitoring of Hostile Actors:

We provide intelligence assessments of the threats posed by hostile actors to mitigate reputational, operational and cyber risks.

Monitoring of Hostile Actors

Online Hostile Reconnaissance:

We identify physical, human, cyber or network vulnerabilities to companies, individuals or installations based on the same open-source material available to terrorists, activists and hackers. This can be extended to include full penetration and physical Red-Team testing.

hostile reconnaissance

Insider Threat:

We deliver profiling of current and prospective employees. This can also be applied to competitors, where it can provide strategic insights. The methodology is best applied to senior-levels, or to individuals with access to sensitive or critical company material.

insider threat
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